We began as a business and grew into a creative family.

A diverse team from engineering, design/UX, business development, marketing, product and support call Venture Media home. If you perched on a stool in our studio, this is what our company feels like:

We are like a family in a cool livingroom.

Gear, gadgets, perks and interesting projects aside, our kind, authentic and seriously talented people are what make this place as great as it is. We believe trust, camaraderie, and commitment to our craft are the building blocks of a great team.

Creation is at the heart of a healthy life.

Einstein once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. We take that to heart here and encourage creativity and imagination in all aspects of our business - not only in our UI, but in our code, business practices and our play.

It’s in our blood.

Running deeply through our veins here is an appetite for adventure, a passion for growth, an appreciation for a good balance of work and life, and care for our overall health. Have a look at our perks section for a little more info.