Venture Meida employees cycling

We're a venture incubator conducting entrepreneurial experiments in a cool laboratory we call our second home. Have a peek inside.

Boardroom with mural saying 'care grow enjoy'


This is where we spend most of our time. So we made it into a place we'd want to live in. Standing desks. Tropical aquarium. Ping Pong. Foosball. Steinway Piano Room. Bike Powerwatts Studio. Weights. Showers. Movie Room. Popcorn machine. Artwork. Food lab with our own chef. Living room. Sounds amazing, but it's really the team who makes our company so awesome.

We're a bunch of talented dreamers from all walks of life who, with an average tenure of over five years, love coming together to experiment and build. A family of artists, designers, developers, tech, accountants, entrepreneurs, a realtor, a medical doctor, a nurse and a chef.

We care, even though we are different and think different. We look to why we do what we do together.

Aquarium with reef and several fish.


We grow like it's in our blood. We are like a startup studio, but with enough funding to experiment. We've been blessed with successful businesses that allow us to experiment to find the next star business. We're okay with trying and striking out because we believe that we'll hit some out of the park to help millions of people and businesses. Growth only comes from being courageous enough to try, even when there are big risks of the idea not working out. It's fractal. It starts with each individual and expands to the team, its users and business partners. It takes risk to make an idea or dream come true. Be a leader of yourself and lead the way to growth.

We believe growth should come from being healthy just as much as being smart. We take the time to eat organic, healthy meals, plan and think, just as we work diligently and do. We have workshops that help us better understand ourselves and our teammates, go to to conferences and read books together to speak a common language.


We enjoy our life's work. We ask everyone to do what they love as life is short. Don't get stuck in a job. Be courageous and find the work you love, a team your love working with, where work doesn't feel like work. It feels exciting, purposeful and meaningful. While there are tasks that are mundane, we're all happy to do the dishes once a week for the team, and to keep our lab clean. Sometimes it takes us time to realize that doing the little things keeps us human and humble. We come to realize that what we do for our team is just as, if not more important than what we do for our clients and partners. Our janitor also works for one of the hottest tech companies in the world, but enjoys eating healthy, organic lunches with us. We think it's because we treat him like he's a part of our team. We love you Karel and wish you blessings on your well-deserved retirement!

And you can't enjoy life if you're unhealthy. As our founder is a medical doctor, we encourage healthy living. Sitting is a major risk factor for heart and stroke, just like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and obesity. Because they called the risk facor, sedentary lifestyle, which really means a couch potato, sitting all day, it takes a little while to realize that's our big risk factor in the office. Just as bad as smoking or high blood pressure! For three months our founder tested standing by putting his laptop on a stack of photocopy reams on top of his sitting desk. Then ten people tested it and then the rest of the company. Now everyone gets an electric standing desk when they join. Stand when you want. Stand for what you believe in and stand for health.

We can't please everyone all of the time, but we strive to make it a great workplace so that we can focus on the important mission we are on. To use technology, business and wisdom to bring justice and opportunity to people and businesses.

Live for life.
Live for people.
Live a life worth living.

Group photo of Venture Media employees at a company dinner