What We Build

Crafting multiple products, building technology on web, mobile and social platforms, identifying and creating products for millions of users… we love to build technology.

Chit Chats is more than just a shipping company, it is a company aiming to make Canadian commerce borderless, seamless and boundless.

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In 2001, founder Derek Nolan, started couriering his book orders across the border because shipping from Canada was just too expensive. Other bookstores and e-commerce stores asked him to help ship their orders too. Since then, Chit Chats has been transforming Canadian businesses. By drastically reducing shipping costs as much as 74%, Chit Chats helps deliver your packages to anywhere in the world.

Venture empowers ideas by matching them with dream domains.

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Venture's passion for empowering ideas, combined with its wealth of proven experience in the domain name industry, inspired its creation of the premier, perpetual leasing platform for premium domains. After years of seeing how prohibitive outright acquisition of great domains could be, the vision for this solution arose from a visit to the Californian Irvine Ranch - a 93,000 acre plot of masterly planned urban land. The theme of good stewardship resonated and led to Venture's focus on connecting creators to unused dream domains, altogether making for a better internet landscape.

Beauty, art and the Bible are merged together by technology to provide inspiration to millions.

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As images of the Gutenberg Bible, the first printed book, and the works of renowned Bible illustrators such as Gustave Doré floated in our heads, we wondered if it was possible to combine the beauty and inspiration of these masterpieces with the written inspiration the Bible provides in a beautifully designed and easy-to-read online Bible reader. And what if we could extend that beautiful Bible reader to both mobile and web devices where family and friends could draw upon even more inspiration by interacting with each other and reading the Bible together? Enter a social, mobile, beautiful app that gives reverence to the Bible and increases biblical literacy. It’s an exciting project in development, made sweeter by the support of our devout 3.1 million Facebook fans.

We are on a mission to connect every great domain name to an exciting idea, inspiring invention or innovative business through our online domain name marketplace.

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Many of the best ideas come from evolving tried-and-true business models. Mark, our domain name market platform, was the brain-child of this process. A virtual “real estate market” for domain names, Mark connects buyers and sellers, matching every great domain name to an exciting idea, inspiring invention, or innovative business. But as a passionate team of innovators, we know more is always possible. In keeping with this philosophy, we’re excited to be providing new options such as domain rentals that help entrepreneurs find the perfect domain name for their brand. Find your name on Mark.com.