What We Build

Crafting multiple products, building technology on web, mobile and social platforms, identifying and creating products for millions of users… we love to build technology.

We are making e-commerce fun and efficient with our demand-driven platform that connects people to their wearable passions.

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T-shirts and other apparel are adorned with your favorite sports brands, quotable quotes and more on a simple and fun, demand-driven online platform. Canvus enables you to show your true colours and wear your passion. Stay tuned for more features!

Blackfriday.com helps tens of millions of shoppers plan their shopping with breaking Black Friday ads from your favorite retailers.

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BlackFriday.com enjoys over 400 million page views, 17 million unique visitors and over a million mobile users. During November, Blackfriday.com topped the iOS charts with #1 in Lifestyles and #13 overall with its initial release. Its Facebook fan page supports a fan base of 1.5 million. It has signaled what we all know to be the rise of the savvy mobile shopper. The demand for a one-stop shopping experience with early access to Black Friday ads, bargain-hunting tips, and the best deals from top retailers continues to grow, so get ready to find some great deals!

We are on a mission to connect every great domain name to an exciting idea, inspiring invention or innovative business through our online domain name marketplace.

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Many of the best ideas come from evolving tried-and-true business models. Mark, our domain name market platform, was the brain-child of this process. A virtual “real estate market” for domain names, Mark connects buyers and sellers, matching every great domain name to an exciting idea, inspiring invention, or innovative business. But as a passionate team of innovators, we know more is always possible. In keeping with this philosophy, we’re excited to be providing new options such as domain rentals that help entrepreneurs find the perfect domain name for their brand. Find your name on Mark.com.

Beauty, art and the Bible are merged together by technology to provide inspiration to millions.

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As images of the Gutenberg Bible, the first printed book, and the works of renowned Bible illustrators such as Gustave Doré floated in our heads, we wondered if it was possible to combine the beauty and inspiration of these masterpieces with the written inspiration the Bible provides in a beautifully designed and easy-to-read online Bible reader. And what if we could extend that beautiful Bible reader to both mobile and web devices where family and friends could draw upon even more inspiration by interacting with each other and reading the Bible together? Enter a social, mobile, beautiful app that gives reverence to the Bible and increases biblical literacy. It’s an exciting project in development, made sweeter by the support of our devout 3.1 million Facebook fans.

Intune is reinventing how sheet music is read, practiced and performed on mobile devices.

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We believe sheet music can be experienced in ways so much more satisfying than on the standard 8.5x11 inch paper and Intune is our latest project that sets out to do this. From its beginning as one of our staff business plan competition winners, Intune has been crafted into a app that features beautiful UI and a reinvention of how piano players can learn and play their favorite songs on their mobile devices. Stay tuned for our beta launch!